Plano is a lot more than a suburb of Dallas — it is a wonderful little city in its own right! When you come to Plano, you’ll experience all the hospitality that Texas is known for, along with plenty of options for having a great time, day or night. Read on to learn more about the ways that you can make the most of your visit to Plano.

The most important thing to do while you’re in the area is to book your room at the Studio 6 extended stay hotel. Whether you’re having a great time at the bars or you’re spending your days enjoying the incredible natural areas surrounding the city, you will need a spacious, comfortable hotel room for you and your family. Studio 6 in East Plano is all that and more. Each one of our rooms boasts a full kitchenette, furniture that is so comfortable that you’ll want it in your home, and all of the amenities that you could ever hope for. We are a pet-friendly hotel and kids always stay for free. Call us now to book your room.

Enjoy the Nightlife

Texas has long enjoyed a reputation as a state that enjoys having fun as much as it likes to work hard. In Plano, if you’re in the mood to have a great time, there are not shortage of places to do it. From great local venues that host some incredible local and regional music (along with some delicious food and thirst-quenching drinks), to great family restaurants, if you’re searching for a way to have a great evening, Plano has you covered. Be sure to check out our blog for some great suggestions of places to visit while you’re here or ask our staff for some suggestions!

Take in Some Culture

If you aren’t in Texas to sample local beverages and cuisine, but to take in everything that has made this state so culturally and historically important, then Plano is a great place to plug into the past, present, and future of Texas. With several local museums in town, including The Heritage Farmstead Museum and the Interurban Railway Museum, and many, many more in Dallas, there is no shortage of ways to educate yourself on all of the ways that Texas has grown over the decades. There are many local art galleries and some world-class art museums and theatres within driving distance, too!

Experience the Grandeur of Texas

If you’ve never been to Texas, trying to comprehend the size of it through sheer numbers is almost too hard to do. 268,597 square miles. Try to make sense of that; we’ll wait. If you want to smell the fresh air, see the sun rising and setting over the prairie, or take in some of the local fauna and flora, Plano has plenty of places for you to get away from civilization.

Give us a call today to book your room. We know that you’ll love staying here thanks to our newly updated rooms, the best amenities, and the friendliest staff. If you have questions about what to do while you’re here, feel free to ask!

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