1. Stay in Plano While Checking Out Universities

    Visiting universities is a time-honored tradition that parents get to share with their children who are getting ready to leave home. If you are only looking at one or two schools in an area, it is possible to make these visits happen over a weekend, but if you want to check out a handful of schools …Read More

  2. Where to Watch the Super Bowl in Plano

    While the biggest day in football is still a few months away, if you’re a diehard football fan, it is never too early to start planning your Super Bowl day. If you are going to be in the greater Plano area this year instead of at home, you might be a little uncertain as to what you should do to ma…Read More

  3. Stay at Studio 6 in Plano and Have a Great Time!

    Plano is a lot more than a suburb of Dallas — it is a wonderful little city in its own right! When you come to Plano, you’ll experience all the hospitality that Texas is known for, along with plenty of options for having a great time, day or night. Read on to learn more about the ways that you c…Read More

  4. The Best Breweries and Beer Events in Plano

    Even if you are visiting Plano for business, you still need to find ways to relax and enjoy yourself while you aren’t in meetings. If you love to sit down with a beer and enjoy some great food and even better conversation, Plano has tons of options! If you are looking for the most comfortable exte…Read More

  5. Fun Activities in Plano

    When you are staying in Plano, there are so many fun things to do that it can be difficult to know where to start. From wide open spaces that conjure up visions of the past to some of the most modern museums and attractions, Plano, and the greater-Dallas area, is filled with almost limitless possibi…Read More

  6. Book a Room for Christmas Today

    While Plano might not be a typical winter wonderland filled with snow, the city, as well as the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area, is a great place to spend your Christmas or winter holiday. If you’re looking for a place to stay, you won’t find a better hotel than Studio 6! Our hotel is set up for …Read More

  7. Spend Time in Texas and Stay at Studio 6 in Plano

    If you are planning a trip to Texas, it can seem a little overwhelming. Texas is a gigantic state full of small towns, big cities, and tons of open space. If you don’t know how to start planning your trip, check out this blog post for some ideas. When you need a comfortable, clean hotel room in Pl…Read More

  8. Book a Room for Thanksgiving Now!

    While we are just now shaking off the winter and beginning our preparations for all of the fun things we’re going to do over the summer, don’t forget that summer never seems to last as long as you want it to. If you’re looking to the fall and you’re considering spending the holidays with fri…Read More

  9. Book a Room for a Summer Trip!

    For most people, summer is the only time of the year where they are able to get out of town and enjoy some time away from home. Whether you’re travelling by yourself or with your family, summer vacation is a tradition that everyone looks forward to. No matter what time of the year it is, it’s ne…Read More

  10. Get a Great Night’s Sleep at Studio 6!

    There are few things better in life than getting a good night’s sleep. When you’re travelling, finding a way to get the rest you need can be very difficult. Luckily, Studio 6 in Plano has all of the amenities you need to help you relax, as well as great furniture for you to get comfortable. Cont…Read More