1. Stay at Studio 6 When You Attend a Conference

    If your job has sent you to Plano or Dallas to attend a conference, you’re probably busy trying to get everything ready for your trip. In addition to planning your flights, and making sure you have everything you need for networking, you also need to book a hotel. This is usually the least fun par…Read More

  2. Family Fun in Plano

    Whether your upcoming trip is your first time in Plano, or you’ve been here with your family many times, there are plenty of fun and exciting things to do that will help you and your kids create great memories that will last a lifetime! One of the easiest ways to ensure that your trip will be fun …Read More

  3. Fun Activities in Plano

    When you are staying in Plano, there are so many fun things to do that it can be difficult to know where to start. From wide open spaces that conjure up visions of the past to some of the most modern museums and attractions, Plano, and the greater-Dallas area, is filled with almost limitless possibi…Read More

  4. Spend Time in Texas and Stay at Studio 6 in Plano

    If you are planning a trip to Texas, it can seem a little overwhelming. Texas is a gigantic state full of small towns, big cities, and tons of open space. If you don’t know how to start planning your trip, check out this blog post for some ideas. When you need a comfortable, clean hotel room in Pl…Read More

  5. Book a Room for a Summer Trip!

    For most people, summer is the only time of the year where they are able to get out of town and enjoy some time away from home. Whether you’re travelling by yourself or with your family, summer vacation is a tradition that everyone looks forward to. No matter what time of the year it is, it’s ne…Read More

  6. Stay With Us When Your Home is Being Repaired or Remodeled

    Whether you’ve had to leave your home for awhile due to damage from a fire or flood, or you are finally having the improvements you’ve always wanted completed, you need somewhere to stay. Studio 6 in Plano is a great solution when you need somewhere to stay for more than a few days and less time…Read More

  7. Book a Room at Studio 6 for Spring Break

    We know that Christmas and New Years are barely in the rear-view, but it’s never too early to start thinking about your next chunk of time off: spring break! With so many options all over the country, it can feel almost impossible to decide which location you most want to visit to blow off some st…Read More

  8. What to Pack When You Have a Room at an Extended Stay Hotel

    Whether you’re coming to Plano for an extended visit with your family and friends or you’re searching for a new job in one of the area’s booming industries, you know that you’ll need your own space in which you can relax and rest after a long day of searching for jobs or taking care of famil…Read More

  9. Moving to Plano? Book a Room at Studio 6

    Plano is an exciting Texas city that many people are moving to. There are great employment opportunities and it is an excellent place to raise a family. If you want to move here but you need to find a job or look for a place to live, don’t cram yourself into a regular hotel room when you can stay …Read More